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Marketing Automation

Silverpop Engage Marketing Automation Video Demo
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There was a time when quantity and quality could not exist in the same marketing plan. Those days are gone. Marketing automation allows you to effectively manage and nurture your leads, maximizing your marketing budget. Understanding prospect behavior and scoring on that behavior ensures that quality leads make it to your sales team at the right time. As a marketer, we know that you're continually expected to do more with less.

  • Highlights

    Get some quick details at-a-glance about our sophisticated marketing automation software that gives you the power to exceed marketing efforts.

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  • Features

    Take a deep dive into the features of our software that help leverage behaviors, maximize campaign effectiveness and drive revenue.

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  • Integrations

    Integrating your data with the IBM Marketing Cloud will take your multichannel marketing efforts to a whole new level of sophistication and success.

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  • Apps

    Integrate multi-channel apps with IBM Marketing Cloud to create truly unique relationships with each of your customers.

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