Silverpop - Relationship Marketing 101: Part 4
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Relationship Marketing 101:
Part 4: Long-Term Relevance

How can marketers win back lapsed customers?

Smart marketers know that keeping current customers is the most efficient way to increase revenue. To improve brand loyalty and customer retention, you’ll want to take steps to deliver more relevant content that keeps your customers connected with your company and prevents them from becoming inactive.

For tips on implementing or improving your customer retention program, check out this short video and see where you can make strides and where you might be leaving money on the table.

Watch now to learn the first steps of long term relevance:

Not sure where to start?

Many marketers rely on guesswork rather than hard statistics to define customer inactivity, an approach that can lead to misidentifying lapsed customers and render reactivation campaigns less effective. The first step in your relevance program should take a data-driven approach including analysis to determine typical purchase behaviors for your brand. From there – you have several different paths you could take.

Check out these whitepapers to learn more:

Segmentation Tool

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