Silverpop - Relationship Marketing 101: Part 2
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Relationship Marketing 101:
Part 2: Learning to Nurture

How can marketers reach all of their customers on a personal level?

Today’s customer is always on the go, receiving marketing messages across channels throughout the day. As a result, these customers expect brands to “know” them, delivering content that’s most relevant to them when and where they prefer it. So, how can marketers make hundreds, thousands or even millions of people feel welcome? This kind of personal touch is only possible through an effective nurture program. Automated messages not only increase customer engagement, but also add significant revenue to any digital marketing program.

For tips on implementing or improving your nurture programs, check out this short video and see where you can make strides and where you might be leaving money on the table.

Watch now to learn the first steps of nurture marketing:

Not sure where to start?

Marketing nurtures can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, but with buying cycles continuously shifting, the key is to stay in front customers and interact on their terms. Whether you’re trying to beef up your post-purchase messages or simply staying top-of-mind with customers, the resources below provide tips on how you can help your digital marketing programs bring in more revenue without draining precious time and resources.

Check out these whitepapers to learn more:

Segmentation Tool

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