Silverpop - Relationship Marketing 101: Part 1
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Relationship Marketing 101:
Part 1: Engagement & Acquisition

How can marketers build and maintain strong customer relationships?

Mapping the customer journey is critical to marketing success – helping brands increase customer loyalty and engagement while simultaneously driving ROI. The question is, when does the customer’s journey begin? After you’ve acquired an email address? Once they've interacted with your company website? Or, is it after an individual makes multiple purchases?

To help you navigate this ever-evolving customer journey, check out this short video to see how powerful your relationships will be once you incorporate more personalized content in your marketing campaigns – starting with an individual’s initial touch with your brand, all the way through a loyal customer.

Watch now to learn the first steps of customer engagement marketing:

Not sure where to start?

We’d love to help! In the rush to create the next big campaign, many marketers never get around to evaluating where their current programs stand. Whether you need to graduate to a more sophisticated marketing tool or simply make better use of your existing technology, knowing the ins and outs of the customer journey will help.

Check out these whitepapers to learn more:

Segmentation Tool

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