Silverpop - 7 Mobile Use Cases to Inspire Your Omnichannel Marketing Efforts
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7 Mobile Use Cases to Inspire Your Omnichannel Marketing Efforts

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Few marketers would disagree with the importance of increasing mobile engagement, but it can be easier said than done. The rapidly evolving nature of mobile makes it challenging to know when and how to best use mobile tools and tactics to improve the customer experience.

Join IBM Product Marketing Manager, Michael Trapani as he explores seven mobile uses cases that will help marketers understand where mobile fits in the buyer journey and how they can use mobile touch points to increase engagement, build loyalty and drive revenue. Multichannel use cases include:

  • Mobile push and email enhance the customer experience on-site and post-purchase
  • Call center, email, SMS and mobile app work in tandem to keep customers satisfied
  • Business uses social, mobile Web and display ads to entice patrons back
  • In-store, Web and email drive SMS opt-ins and increased engagement 

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