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IBM Marketing Cloud Integrations

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Achieve seamless integration for added sophistication and success

IBM Marketing Cloud's easily configurable platform makes our products simple to use and powerful when they stand alone. But for those who need an integrated view and an easy way to interlink several different technologies, our powerful solution can be smoothly integrated with other best-of-breed enterprise applications. Integrating your data with IBM Marketing Cloud will take your multichannel marketing efforts to a whole new level of sophistication and success.

By easily integrating with CRM, Web analytics, e-commerce and other marketing technology providers such as, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Adobe and Magento, IBM Marketing Cloud gives marketers additional insight into their marketing funnel and the ability to communicate across multiple channels and create more effective, targeted and automated digital marketing campaigns.

IBM Marketing Cloud has partnered and integrated with the leading technology providers in many areas:

Couponing – Add digital couponing programs to your email marketing efforts and boost revenue.

CRM - Seamlessly integrate point-and-click tools that synchronize CRM data and email marketing activity to improve the relevance of marketing programs and provide CRM users with a clear view into marketing activity. 

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence - Leverage the power of data to deliver more relevant campaigns.

Data Enhancement - Empower web forms with appended contact and company information. 

Deliverability Enhancement - Improve the consumer email experience by protecting them from spam, phishing and other abuse.

e-Commerce - Build relevant and tailored marketing messages for customers based on their online shopping behavior, including purchase history, cart abandonment and order data. 

Event Management - Drive campaigns and targeted mailings with online webinar and in-person event behavior and preference data.

Mobile – Plan, execute and report on mobile messaging campaigns as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Multivariate Testing - Test email content to improve metrics and ultimately conversion.

Recommendations - Personalize and optimize your digital marketing strategy.

Social – Streamline user acquisition and target your messaging through social channels.

Web Analytics - Automatically reach customers with targeted messaging tailored to their specific preferences and behavior.


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