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Marketing Automation Highlights

    Automated Campaigns

    Easily leverage the behaviors of your prospects and customers. Create marketing campaigns, from simple drip strategies to those with complex, multiple touch points through a visual campaign builder. Send automated messages when a lead routes or performs a certain action, through nurture campaigns based on the individual action of each lead.

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    Rank customers and prospects based on buying criteria, demographics and behaviors such as website visits, form submissions and message interaction or on time-based components including recency and frequency. When contacts reach a certain score, marketing automation features route them for the appropriate follow-up. 

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    Web Tracking

    Learn about your customers and prospects by the actions they take on your website. Based on their behaviors (as well as their declared preferences) you can interact with them on a more personal level—delivering content that matches their interests and level of engagement.

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    Landing Pages and Web Forms

    Design and publish landing pages and web forms, which capture inquiry information—all without the need for IT support. IBM Marketing Cloud's marketing automation features give you the freedom to create custom pages that match your brand, allowing you to market your products or services with maximum effectiveness.

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    Campaign Reporting

    Prove your marketing success and show ROI with more than 80 customizable reports that span various marketing channels—including email, campaigns, social and mobile.

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    B2B Marketing Automation

    Manage and score leads, nurture them through the pipeline and maximize your marketing efforts with B2B marketing features.  With IBM Marketing Cloud, better engage your prospects with targeted communications, improve efficiency, increase revenue and improve sales and marketing alignment.

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    Advanced Email Features

    Ensure your communications are delivered and stand out in the inbox with advanced email features, such as Send Time Optimization, A/B Testing and Dynamic Content.

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    Gain visibility and insight into marketing campaign data through integrating your CRM system, or other third-party apps. More precisely target your communications through event management, web analytics, data cleansing and enhancements.

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