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Silverpop's EPiServer App enables you to create personal, unique experiences for every visitor to your website by combining he power of Engage's behavioral-marketing automation engine with EPiServer's CMS. The EPiServer App lets you create dynamic content on your website, through CMS, based on virtually any customer demographic or behavioral data available within Engage, including:

  • Demographic profile information:
    • Name
    • Location
    • Buying History
    • Preferences
    • Mobile-Device Usage
  • Program and nurture campaign participation: If your customer is active within a particular marketing program, Engage will inform your CMS and customize your website content to provide a continuous customer experience. For instance, if your customer is part of a campaign inviting them to attend an event, Engage can inform your CMS so that your homepage displays an event invitation for that customer.
  • Scoring: Silverpop can also inform your CMS to dynamically update your website based on each individual's Engage Score. For example, if a website visitor's Score indicates they are a likely buyer, Engage can instruct your website to display a "Contact Our Sales Team" call to action.

Email Content Management

In addition to creating a unique website experience for each visitor, Silverpop's EPiServer app also enables you to manage your email marketing templates within your EPiServer CMS. Simply create or edit an email template within EPiServer, and that email template will be synced and saved into Engage for future sends.

If you are an existing Silverpop customer and would like more information about Engage's EPiServer integration, please contact your relationship manager.


About EPiServer

EPiServer is the world's fastest-growing provider of online engagement platforms for Content, Community, Commerce and Communication. EPiServer is the platform of choice for more than 4,700 customers doing business online through engaging websites, communities and e-commerce solutions. It has become the foundation of more than 20,000 websites and is used on a daily basis by over 130,000 web editors. EPiServer delivers its solid, scalable solutions through its network of more than 630 partners in 30 different countries.


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Web Content Management; Personalization
Starting at $250 per month
Required Software
  • Silverpop Engage
  • EPiServer Product License
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