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Technical Consulting

Technology Consulting

Extending Your Marketing Infrastructure

Making the most from your partnership with IBM Marketing Cloud sometimes requires you to think of inventive ways to leverage our software and extend the overall capabilities of your marketing infrastructure. Whether that is through integrations, partnerships, or home-grown internal systems, our technical consulting services can help you close the gap between what you know is possible and what you’re actually doing today.

Spend more time planning marketing campaigns and less sorting through data with the help of our technical consulting services. IBM Marketing Cloud knows that the more you can integrate and automate your marketing efforts, the more value you can realize. Now you can focus on campaign design rather than putting together detailed, time-consuming data and integration connections that you need.  Let our technical consulting team help you with:

  • API Setup and Documentation
  • Technical Project Management
  • Data Migration and Architecting
  • Partner Integration Services
  • Custom Engineering and Development

Our team of technical professionals can help with any customization or data integration that you might require. We will help lift the burden of learning the technical complexities and enable you to focus on taking your campaigns to the next level more quickly and with greater ease than ever.


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