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IBM Marketing Cloud

As a retail marketer, it’s critical that you understand how your customers are engaging with your brand both online and offline. But often, this insightful data is siloed, stored and analyzed outside of your marketing database of record, making it difficult for you to leverage. The IBM Marketing Cloud allows you to leverage the data that is being collected through these external systems to create targeted segments, personalized content and contextual multi-channel experiences for your customer. For a more in-depth look into how IBM Marketing Cloud can help improve your customer journey, check out our Relationship Marketing 101 series below.

Relationship Marketing 101

Part 1: Engagement and Acquisition - How can you build and maintain strong customer relationships? Learn more.

Part 2: Learning to Nurture - How can marketers reach all of their customers on a personal level? Learn more.

Part 3: Renewed Revenue - How can marketers keep customers coming back for more? Learn more.

Part 4: Long-Term Relevance - How can marketers win back lapsed customers? Learn more.




Relationship Marketing 101: Part 1   Relationship Marketing 101: Part 2
Relationship Marketing 101: Part 3   Relationship Marketing 101: Part 4



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