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High-Tech Marketing: Deliver More for Your Budget

As a high-tech marketer, you have to keep up with changing market dynamics. You need to know where the buyers are, how to deliver compelling and relevant content, and how to quickly determine what’s working and what’s not. Have you been tasked with marketing high tech products with a limited budget and limited resources? IBM Marketing Cloud can help you deliver more qualified leads to your sales team without exceeding your budgets—getting you the most out of every interaction and giving you a better understanding of your prospect and customer behavior.

Technology companies, like YouSendIt and Purchasing Power rely on IBM Marketing Cloud to:

  • Identify qualified, sales-ready leads and align marketing activities with sales goals
  • Breakthrough the clutter by delivering relevant, personalized content
  • Manage communications through multiple channels, and deliver those messages when and how the prospect wants it
  • Nurture prospects to be sales ready, and move them through the funnel
  • Measure the effectiveness of marketing investments
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Multichannel consumer electronics retailer uses automated emails to generate 30 percent of its revenue

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