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Financial Services Marketing: Functionality Without Sacrificing Security

Just because you have security, doesn’t mean you have functionality. At IBM Marketing Cloud, our first priority is to keep your customer’s data secure—and functional. Our platform is built with the most up-to-date physical, application and infrastructure security features. Access the application securely, using permission sets, multi-factor authentication and IP restrictions at the user level.

Partnering with technology providers such as Wared Logistics and Miles Media mean that the infrastructure security is second to none. We understand that your role as a financial services marketer is to increase interaction, product, service, adoption and use. Rather than utilizing a simple batch and blast strategy, our easy-to-use, behaviorally triggered campaign engine can schedule to deploy—when the user is actively interacting with your brand.

With IBM Marketing Cloud you are provided with:

  • Approval groups and templates to ensure that message content is consistent with corporate requirements
  • Segmentation and dynamic content capabilities, which allow for messaging to be geared towards the individual
  • A personal and relevant experience, as if each communication has been individually crafted for that person 
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This innovative FinTech startup used IBM Marketing Cloud to quickly get up and running with effective personalized, automated lead nurturing.

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