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Video Testimonials

“Marketing Automation has allowed us to be very personal in terms of the message we send to our customers.  Click through rates on some of our automated programs has tripled what we are used to seeing with traditional campaigns and our conversion rates are a lot higher.” 

Kristin Lucido

Texas Instruments

  • “We have over 300 automated messages that go out every day to close to a million customers…The automated messages are used to bring the customer through the lifecycle from the time that they register for our products to the time that they are ready to renew our products after they’ve made the purchase. It’s a full lifecycle communications strategy.”

    Justin Sharaf

    LogMeIn, Inc.

  • “In the non-profit world you will decide whether to donate within 24 hours of an interaction.  Web tracking enabled us to send a follow up donation email within that window and the return on that was huge for us.”

    James Porter

    International Rescue Committee

  • “With scoring it’s just starting.  Once you’ve just started the rest is really easy. It’s just breaking down those perceptions that scoring is difficult when in fact it is not, especially within Silverpop Engage.”

    Heather Ata

    LifeShield, Inc.

  • “As a new Silverpop client, I was amazed by how many more capabilities there were within the system.”

    Rachel Pikus

    ATP Word Tour

  • “Everything we do is behavioral,  It is not cold calling, it is not mass emailing, it is interaction based on activities that show that they are interested in what we do.”

    Lee Somerhalder


  • “Silverpop has done a great job of giving us ideas in addition to the ability to do things that we probably could not have done previously."

    Kerem Ozkay

    Z Gallerie

  • "We use the lead scoring program to build a picture of how engaged people are and we value different actions depending on how relevant we think they are to our campaign."

    Laura Nolan

    Marketing Options International

  • YouSendIt

    “Marketing automation has not only allowed us to look at Silverpop as a vendor, but Silverpop as a revenue generating partner."

    Josh Stevens

    YouSendIt, Inc.


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