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Silverpop Showcases Power of Personalized, Multichannel Interactions with Launch of New Website

Silverpop Showcases Power of Personalized, Multichannel Interactions with Launch of New Website

Company Partners with EPiServer to Provide Customized Site Experience for Each Visitor

ATLANTA, April 23, 2013 – SilverpopTM, the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile and social, today unveils a new website, which provides a customized site experience for individuals based on their behaviors. Integrating Silverpop’s behavioral technology with the advantages from EPiServer, a Silverpop partner and global provider for innovative digital marketing and e-commerce solutions, the website serves as a blueprint for behavioral marketing – showcasing the power of personalized interactions across all channels. 

“Starting today, websites built with the Silverpop behavioral integration will listen for behavioral cues from individuals and self-optimize to deliver the perfect, individual customer experience,” said Eric Holmen, senior vice president of marketing at Silverpop. “Our new website experience is unlike anything in our industry– whether a visitor is coming to the site for the first time or a customer that visits daily, the site displays content that is relevant to the specific individual based on the complete view of our interactions in every channel. From local events to videos and webinars that are most connected to their industry and interests, the entire experience is personalized – even across mobile devices. When EPiServer's advanced personalization engine meets Silverpop’s advanced behavioral engine, our customers can offer site visitors a more unified digital experience – improving marketing efficiency exponentially by seamlessly tying together all of our marketing efforts while increasing conversion rates through highly personalized messaging.” 

The new website uses features and functionality from both Silverpop Engage and several partners. Those include:

  • Silverpop’s Progressive Profiling technology, which prioritizes form fields to give visitors customized site experiences and therefore encourages them to fill out additional fields with each visit
  • Bi-directional sync between Silverpop Engage, EPiServer and, allowing for data to seamlessly travel between each platform and further customizing interactions on the Web, email, mobile and social
  • A unique sidebar of content that will take users down specific, personalized paths and display relevant events based on the visitor’s location and appropriate content based on interests
  • A resources section that displays case studies and other pertinent content based on a visitor’s specific industry
  • Social Sign-In, powered by Janrain, which allows individuals to automatically populate a form with their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Google accounts
  • Partnerships with Adage Technologies for the site build and Scribit for content generation

“Silverpop’s new website will give marketers a firsthand look at how a more unified digital presence can significantly enhance the brand experience for both customers and prospects,” said Bob Egner, VP of Product Management at EPiServer.  “The site also serves as a real time case study, showcasing the capabilities of the EPiServer CMS and highlighting how powerful combining our technologies can be. We’re very excited to play a key role in this project and look forward to helping joint customers also deliver a more effective, and consistent customer experience." 

About Silverpop

Silverpop is the only digital marketing technology provider that unifies marketing automation, email, mobile, and social. Its customers achieve superior Return on Relationship by uniquely engaging each individual based on their behaviors and then automating personalized experiences that increase revenue, improve ROI, and deepen brand loyalty. Silverpop’s commitment is to offer a platform that is complete, not complex—so that marketers from any size organization can easily achieve digital marketing success. The company offers a world-class services team, 24/7 customer support and a network of partners to ensure that every client gets the right mix of solutions for their specific digital marketing needs. Silverpop is trusted by more than 5,000 brands around the globe.  Visit us at 


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