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PlacePunch Doubles Revenue Since Acquisition by Silverpop, Launches Spring 2012 Release

PlacePunch Doubles Revenue Since Acquisition by Silverpop, Launches Spring 2012 Release

New Features Include Sweepstakes Offering and Enhancements to Pre-existing Loyalty Programs, Local Offers and Twitter Messaging

ATLANTA, March 8, 2012 - To provide their customers with additional tools to deliver highly relevant, targeted marketing campaigns, SilverpopTM, the only marketing technology provider offering advanced email marketing and marketing automation solutions, today announces new additions to its PlacePunch location-based marketing platform. The new features include a sweepstakes offering and enhancements to pre-existing loyalty programs, local offers and Twitter messaging.

The new release comes just five months after Silverpop acquired PlacePunch, which has since doubled its revenue.  The growth was fueled by the addition of existing Silverpop clients and companies who were new to both PlacePunch and Silverpop. Some of the brands now taking advantage of PlacePunch's location-based marketing capabilities include Arby's, Food Lion and GoGo squeeZ.

PlacePunch's new sweepstakes offering puts a new spin on the traditional social-media contest, trade show giveaway or in-store promotion. Each time a customer or prospect visits a particular location and checks in on Facebook or Foursquare, the individual can be automatically entered to win a prize-creating a unique way for brands to drive check-ins and create social buzz.

"Marketers want to create engagement with their brand's social-media presence while also driving traffic to their stores or events," said Adam Steinberg, Silverpop segment marketing director of social media and PlacePunch co-founder. "Gone are the days of traditional business card drawings-by incorporating check ins from Foursquare or Facebook into their sweepstakes programs, marketers can bring a little magic back to their campaigns."

In addition to the new sweepstakes functionality, PlacePunch also now includes new additions to its loyalty programs (rewards to frequent visitors), local offers (offers delivered to individuals who check-in to nearby locations) and Twitter messaging. Specifically, the enhancements include the following new capabilities: 

  • Expanded options for customizing the look and feel of loyalty programs and local offers, including related landing pages and emails
  • The ability for a parent company to simultaneously run similar campaigns for multiple brands, such as different hotels or shopping malls
  • Enhanced location-based targeting parameters
  • More robust reporting and searching capabilities

"There is nothing more relevant than being able to instantly connect with customers the moment they step foot into one of our restaurants," said Josh Martin, Arby's manager of social media. "A PlacePunch campaign is a win/win proposition.  We are able to establish another touch point and deepen our relationship with the customer and they are rewarded based on their brand preference and loyalty.  It's an efficient way to deliver a very personal experience." 

About Silverpop:

Silverpop is the only marketing technology provider with expertise in email marketing and marketing automation. In today's customer-driven marketplace, one in which marketers must reach their target audience more often, via more channels and with more relevant messages than ever, this combination is ideal and unique.  Silverpop's products are designed for marketing departments across a variety of industries, that want to increase revenue, improve ROI, and operate more efficiently. Marketers using Silverpop are able to devote time to strategy as well as execution as a result of the company's focus on innovative, easy-to-use technology, simple implementation and services and support designed to give marketers the help they  need while allowing them to maintain control of their marketing efforts. With a presence in the United States, Europe and Australia, Silverpop is trusted by leading brands around the globe.  Visit us at  


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