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Silverpop Launches Next-Generation Digital Marketing Platform

Silverpop Launches Next-Generation Digital Marketing Platform

Silverpop’s Engage 8 powers sophisticated email marketing automation and lead management tools

ATLANTA, April 6, 2010-Silverpop® today announced the launch of a new digital marketing platform that combines sophisticated email marketing tools with its top-ranked marketing automation and lead management applications. Silverpop Engage is now uniquely able to provide both B2C and B2B marketers the sophisticated on-demand solutions previously unavailable in one powerful platform.

 A recent Silverpop survey of more than 1,800 marketers found that B2C and B2B marketers share many of the same goals. When asked what their top challenges are in the coming year, both groups said finding more prospective customers, up-selling or cross-selling to the customer base, improving analytics to strengthen campaigns and better leveraging new marketing channels are problems they face. Silverpop's new platform provides the tools and solutions to help B2C and B2B marketers overcome these challenges and better engage with customers and prospects. The new platform moves marketers from a "list-centric" to a "behavioral-centric" marketing approach, making it easier to develop campaigns that respond to individual interests and needs.

"I have always believed that the solutions supporting B2C and B2B marketers should come together into a single, scalable platform that makes the unique tools of each marketing discipline available to all, and our clients have overwhelmingly agreed," said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop.  "We've found that B2B marketing tools such as CRM integration and marketing automation are equally valuable to B2C marketers.  And Silverpop's unrivaled email marketing innovations such as Share-to-Social and Send Time Optimization are invaluable resources that boost engagement and conversion for B2B marketers. So I'm really excited about the launch of the next generation of our marketing platform, Engage 8, that combines the powerful tools used by B2B and B2C marketers, giving them the best of both worlds. I believe it's the most powerful digital messaging tool the industry has ever seen."

Among the many marketing technologies found in Silverpop Engage 8, key features include:

  • Sophisticated Email Marketing tools to create and automate campaigns that drive conversions and more deeply engage both current and prospective customers.
  • Lead Management capabilities that help marketers gain prospect insight at every stage of the buying cycle. B2C and B2B marketers supporting a direct sales force will know exactly when a lead has been qualified by marketing, accepted by sales and converted.
  • Share-to-Social technology that enables email recipients to share messages on their favorite social sites and provides valuable insight and reporting data on recipient sharing activity.
  • The industry's most flexible Data and List Management solution to import, manage and leverage the myriad marketing data needed to execute sophisticated, multi-channel campaigns.
  • Silverpop's proprietary Send Time Optimization technology that automatically sends emails to recipients when they're most likely to open them.
  • For B2C or B2B marketers supporting a sales force, Lead and Contact Scoring routes prospective customers identified as ready to buy to sales and moves those not yet ready to purchase into automated nurturing programs.
  • Nurture campaigns monitor buyer behavior and serve up timely and relevant content, keeping a brand top of mind and helping move buyers toward a purchase.
  • Campaign Automation, featuring the industry's premier drag-and-drop visual campaign builder, reduces manual processes and builds intelligent, automated, buyer-driven campaigns that save time and free up marketing resources.
  • Improved marketing results are achievable with Reporting and Analytics that deliver real-time, data-driven insights to optimize performance and prove ROI.
  • CRM and Web Analytics integration leverages point-and-click integration between Silverpop Engage,, Web analytics providers and virtually any other application, giving marketers the power to improve relevance and boost marketing results.
  • Surveys to gather deeper customer insight and broader customer attributes that can help drive ROI and increase the relevance of communications.
  • Personalized Landing Pages, Web forms and microsites that can be integrated with marketing efforts to drive acquisition and conversion.
  • Multichannel Marketing tools that automate and coordinate delivery of messages across any number of channels, including email, Web sites, landing pages, RSS, mobile and social media.
  • Silverpop Inbound monitors social buzz, identifies big picture trends and allows marketers to dig deep and interact with relevant individual social posts and conversations, thereby better garnering the benefits of exciting inbound channels.

The Georgia Aquarium currently uses Silverpop's email marketing platform, and plans to take advantage of the CRM integration tools available in Silverpop Engage 8. "We are very excited about this new product offering," said Kristie Cobb Hacke, vice president of development and membership for the Georgia Aquarium. "We manage a tremendous amount of data about our members, visitors and donors, so the ability to house that information within one database will help us to more effectively create and analyze campaigns."

Silverpop's B2B clients are also enthusiastic about the benefits of Engage 8. The ability to use popular tools such as Share-to-Social and Send Time Optimization will help them achieve the same kind of dramatic results B2C marketers have enjoyed. And Silverpop's highly scalable email marketing solution, industry-high deliverability and recognized thought capital on email marketing best practices help ensure that B2B messages reach their intended destinations and achieve desired results.

"Silverpop's new integrated platform gives marketers access to all the unique features of this highly scalable product offering," said Carlos Hidalgo, president of The Annuitas Group, a leading lead management process consulting firm and Silverpop strategic partner. "B2B-focused companies will be able to use some of the most innovative email marketing tools around while also taking full advantage of lead scoring and nurturing tools, and all through one engagement marketing provider."

To learn more about the Silverpop Survey of B2C and B2B marketers, click here. To learn more about Silverpop Engage, click here.

About Silverpop

Silverpop's on-demand digital marketing platform helps marketers succeed in turning prospects into customers-and customers into fans-through the creation, automation and delivery of relevant, multichannel digital messaging.  Companies rely on the Silverpop Engage platform to create and manage sophisticated email marketing campaigns that reach millions of individuals-one at a time-engaging prospective customers and enhancing lifetime customer value and brand loyalty. Silverpop's marketing automation capabilities enable B2B marketers to efficiently manage leads and drive qualified sales opportunities through scoring and by nurturing campaigns that move prospects from interest to conversion.  Silverpop's industry-leading thought capital, strategic counsel, service and support helps B2C and B2B customers with the precise level of training and advice needed to quickly improve campaign results and ROI. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, Silverpop's marketing technologies are used by industry-leading brands around the globe. Best practices and white papers are available at


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