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Marketers Say Identifying Best Time to Send Emails Worth the Effort

Marketers Say Identifying Best Time to Send Emails Worth the Effort

Silverpop® survey of more than 1,800 marketers uncovers best tactics

ATLANTA , April 28, 2010 -- A Silverpop survey of B2C and B2B marketers revealed which marketing tactics they think work best, and half said "identifying the best time to send emails" delivered best results.

Silverpop, an on-demand provider of an email marketing and marketing automation platform serving the needs of sophisticated self-service B2C and B2B marketers, conducted the online survey last month. A total of 1,805 marketers responded. Six out of 10 (62 percent) had email lists of under 50,000; 14 percent had lists between 50,000 and 500,000; 24 percent had lists of more than half-a-million.

Regardless of list size, a majority of both B2C and B2B marketers said sending emails at the right time was the top tactic they employed last year. Recognizing the importance of messages arriving in inboxes when recipients are most likely to have the time and inclination to respond, Silverpop's proprietary Send Time Optimization feature analyzes recipient behavior on a rolling basis to predict the ideal message delivery time for each recipient.  Online personal finance service provider uses Silverpop's Send Time Optimization and increased open and click rates by 200 percent.

"This is one of the features that our B2B clients specifically asked for, and is among the many reasons we recently launched Silverpop Engage 8," said CEO Bill Nussey. "Engage 8 takes the absolute best features of our email marketing and marketing automation solutions and makes them available on one powerful, scalable platform."

Other tactics that marketers rated as highly effective included using surveys to gather relevant customer information, incorporating social media into their marketing mix, and sending triggered emails.

"These survey responses mirror the successes Silverpop clients have had when implementing these tactics," Nussey said. "Given the clutter of messages bombarding consumers and business buyers, marketers must take the effort to more fully engage with recipients, and these tactics have been proven to work."

King Arthur Flour uses Silverpop Survey to find out what holidays recipients like to bake for and then sends special recipes, an approach that clearly resonates with customers, driving a 150 percent increase in email marketing ROI.

East Coast trains, a franchise operated by one of the world's leading international public transport groups, was able to significantly bolster its viral marketing activities and engage new customers by using Silverpop's Share-to-Social capability. Silverpop B2B client The Sant Corporation sends triggered messages for multiple lead nurturing campaigns, generating three times improvement in open and click rates.

To learn more about the findings of this Silverpop survey, click here to download the free white paper, "Exploring the Differences and Similarities of B2C and B2B Tactics."

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Silverpop's on-demand marketing platform helps marketers succeed in turning prospects into customers-and customers into fans-through the creation, automation and delivery of relevant, multichannel digital messaging.  Companies rely on the Silverpop Engage platform to create and manage sophisticated email marketing campaigns that reach millions of individuals-one at a time-engaging prospective customers and enhancing lifetime customer value and brand loyalty. Silverpop's marketing automation capabilities enable B2B marketers to efficiently manage leads and drive qualified sales opportunities through scoring and by nurturing campaigns that move prospects from interest to conversion.

Silverpop's industry-leading thought capital, strategic counsel, service and support helps B2C and B2B customers with the precise level of training and advice needed to quickly improve campaign results and ROI. With offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany, Silverpop's marketing technologies are used by industry-leading brands around the globe. Best practices and white papers are available at


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