Silverpop - Silverpop Prepares Marketers for CAN-SPAM Compliance
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Silverpop Prepares Marketers for CAN-SPAM Compliance

Silverpop Prepares Marketers for CAN-SPAM Compliance

Automated Suppression Capabilities and Resources Prepare Marketers


ATLANTA, January 6, 2004 -- Silverpop, a fast-growing provider of comprehensive e-mail marketing solutions, is helping its clients prepare for compliance with the new CAN-SPAM legislation. In addition to enhanced suppression capabilities to automatically manage lists and opt-outs, Silverpop is offering strategy and consulting to help marketers ensure all e-mail marketing efforts are in accordance with the new law.

Managing e-mail addresses and opt-outs across an organization has always been of paramount importance. However, the new legislation creates stiff penalties for marketers who are unable to manage opt-outs across their enterprise. Silverpop's e-mail marketing solution, Marketer, now offers enhanced suppression capabilities that automatically safeguard all mailings. With Marketer's organizational suppression, clients have an automated method for ensuring that opt-outs are applied to all lists across their organization. The new feature does not require any manual intervention and thus provides a failsafe mechanism to ensure compliance with CAN-SPAM.

In addition, Silverpop has released, and will continue to release over the next month, a series of resources and recommendations on how to audit e-mail marketing programs for CAN-SPAM. Among those resources was a recent webinar titled, "Navigating the Legal Landscape of E-mail Marketing in the CAN-SPAM Era." The webinar provided Silverpop clients with insight into the benefits and impact of the law on legitimate e-mail marketing. Silverpop will also release a series of documents to guide clients in actions that need to be taken immediately for compliance and also considerations for long-term changes such as policy development and governance. This information will be available in the next issue of Silverpop's monthly best practices newsletter, The Digital Marketer.

"Compliance with the new legislation is about both technology and process. One without the other may not be enough. Most legitimate e-mail marketers are already using policies and practices that are within the intent of the law. Often, all that is required is a confirmation of those policies and small modifications to the processes they use internally," said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop. "As an e-mail services provider, Silverpop has been supportive of this legislation and we look forward to providing marketers with the knowledge and best practices they need to fully comply with the law."

About Silverpop
Silverpop is an e-mail marketing solutions provider offering a full range of services that include e-mail marketing strategy, campaign management and execution and highly tailored analytics of campaign results. Our client solutions team has the expertise in best practices and e-mail campaign fulfillment to get the job done right, every time. Our solutions are available in either full or self-service, depending on client preferences. Silverpop's customer base includes Apple, The Bombay Company, and AutoNation. For more information visit



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