Silverpop - Silverpop Expands Customer Communications Management Solutions Suite
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Silverpop Expands Customer Communications Management Solutions Suite

Silverpop Expands Customer Communications Management Solutions Suite

New Product Releases and Avalon Acquisition Broaden Capabilities


ATLANTA, August 26, 2003 -- Silverpop, a fast-growing provider of comprehensive e-mail marketing solutions, announced today the newest version of both Silverpop Marketer and its sister product, Silverpop Messenger. Messenger is the newest product in the Silverpop suite, following Silverpop's acquisition of Avalon's e-mail marketing assets. The latest version of both products offers customers expanded features and brings them one of the most comprehensive product suites with the best capabilities in e-mail marketing.

Silverpop Marketer v4.0
A product designed for large-scale, sophisticated e-mail marketing, Silverpop Marketer gives marketers rich tools and easy to use features to maximize e-mail as a marketing channel. This latest version builds on those capabilities and allows marketers to create, test and track highly personalized messages with new capabilities including dynamic content, and test cells and split lists.

With Marketer, Silverpop customers can now specifically tailor e-mail messages to the recipient with customization that goes beyond simple text substitution. Marketers will be able to customize entire sections of the e-mail so that each recipient receives a unique and highly personalized message. Each section within the message is governed by an easily defined set of rules applied to personal information like preferences, location, buying history and more. Creating truly unique messages for each recipient increases customer loyalty and can lead to dramatically improved response rates and conversions.

Also new in this version of Silverpop Marketer is the ability to randomly segment and split lists into test cells and sublists. Splits and random segments allow marketers to test different types of creative treatments, offers and subject lines. Marketer then allows the user to compare all the results and ensure that the final campaign is optimized and tuned for the target recipients. After a test to the segmented list, marketers would only send similar campaigns to the cells that respond the best, thereby lowering costs for future programs and yielding greater response rates.

This capability, on top of Silverpop's longstanding ability to segment and test by any kind of recipient information, takes the guesswork out of e-mail communications and shows marketers which creative components yield the highest response and best results.

Silverpop Messenger v4.5
Designed as a messaging solution for large groups of individual corporate users including sales teams, call centers, and customer service and support reps, Silverpop Messenger offers the same rich graphic e-mail capabilities of its sister product without the complexities of a full blown marketing engine. Messenger extends the benefits of sophisticated e-mail technology and best practices beyond the marketing department and into the broader enterprise, helping even non-technical employees maximize their return on investment, improve customer relationships, and enhance brand equity across more customer touch-points.

Silverpop Messenger allows the user to easily create messages that are engaging, personalized, measurable, and consistently branded. Users can include "virtual" document attachments from a centralized, managed library and even capture video on the desktop that is automatically streamed into the delivered e-mail message. Messenger helps users drive the customer relationship and capture the interest of the recipient, while gaining insight and visibility into prospect and customer interactions that enable smarter follow-up strategies and shorter sales cycles. End users can even send dynamic Messenger emails directly within Microsoft Outlook providing immediate productivity enhancements and transforming Outlook into a competitive weapon.

Also, Silverpop Messenger provides sales and marketing managers with management insight into user and content performance, control over branding, messaging, and collateral content. To ensure brand integrity in large organizations designated administrators control the access that each user within the organization has to the product and to email templates. Management reporting provides insight into individual usage and performance, and visibility into what sales and marketing materials provide the greatest return, to drive more efficient and effective corporate communications with customers and prospects.

The Silverpop Customer Communications Suite

Along with the announcement of these new capabilities and following Silverpop?s acquisition of Avalon's e-mail marketing division last month, customers will also notice that the e-mail marketing products of both companies were renamed as Silverpop Marketer and Silverpop Messenger. The names were changed to effectively reflect on the Silverpop brand and distinguish between the two products.

?"he new features in Marketer and Messenger offer our clients some of the most advanced capabilities available in our industry," said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop. "With our services and new technology, our clients can envision and execute nearly any e-mail based marketing campaign or communications program with a new degree of ease and cost effectiveness."

About Silverpop
Silverpop is an e-mail marketing solutions provider offering a full range of services that include e-mail marketing strategy, campaign management and execution and highly tailored analytics of campaign results. Our client solutions team has the expertise in best practices and e-mail campaign fulfillment to get the job done right, every time. Our solutions are available in either full or self-service, depending on client preferences. Silverpop?s customer base includes Apple, The Bombay Company, and AutoNation. For more information visit



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