Silverpop - Silverpop Continues Growth with New Client Additions
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Silverpop Continues Growth with New Client Additions

Silverpop Continues Growth with New Client Additions

The Bombay Company, Air New Zealand, Marcel Dekker Incorporated, and Mercury Interactive contract Silverpop to provide complete email solutions

ATLANTA, April 14, 2003 -- Marcel Dekker Incorporated and Air New Zealand select Silverpop as their email marketing solutions provider. Additionally, Mercury Interactive and The Bombay Company have renewed multi-year contracts with Silverpop.

Silverpop continues to exceed growth plans by providing clients a full range of email services including strategy, campaign design, management, execution, results tracking, analysis and reporting. Mercury Interactive uses Silverpop's full service solution to create, test, send and track email campaigns, delivering clients and prospects relevant information about events, products announcements and promotions. Mercury Interactive has been using the Silverpop solution for over four years, and has improved the quality of its email campaigns both visually and statistically; as a result Silverpop has helped the company more than double its opt-in list.

"2003 has started off very well for our company and for our clients," said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop. "We have had the opportunity to begin working with more than 20 new clients in the first quarter alone. Our new and existing clients tell us that our range of services coupled with a deep commitment to client success and satisfaction are among the reasons they enjoy working with us."

"We began using Silverpop nearly five-years ago and we increased our commitment in 2003 because of the new offerings and the unrivaled customer service and consulting expertise," said Valerie Weager, Marketing Project Manager, with Mercury Interactive. "Working with Silverpop, we are able to efficiently create, send and analyze email communications from all facets of our business, including marketing, support, product development and others. With the Silverpop solution we have seen our opt-in list grow by 100 percent and as a result our webinar attendance has increased by over thirty percent in recent months."

Just as Silverpop continues to add to its rapidly growing clients list, the company is also continually improving its software capabilities. For example, this month, Silverpop released the latest Silverpop Dynamic Messaging (SDM), version 3.6. This upgrade included improved performance for several list management operations along with added support for image maps and a convenient spell checker.

About Silverpop
Silverpop is an email marketing solutions provider offering a full range of services that include email marketing strategy, campaign management and execution, and highly tailored analytics of campaign results. Our client solutions team has the expertise in best practices and email campaign fulfillment to get the job done right, every time. Our solutions are available in either full or self-service, depending on client preferences. Silverpop's customer base includes Apple, The Bombay Company, and AutoNation. For more information visit



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