Diversity at IBM
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Diversity at IBM

About Silverpop

The POP’s Culture 

We are a culture driven by success, performance, collaboration and learning. And ultimately, for IBM, we are all about respect and trust—for one’s unique traits, backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Our teams reflect the diversity of our global customers and our communities.

At IBM, we believe each person is diverse in his or her own way. We honor, appreciate and value the contribution that each individual’s uniqueness brings to IBM. It is this great mix of attributes, which enable IBM to continue to grow and thrive in a way that makes us competitive in the regional and global marketplace. We are committed to fostering (a recruiting process and) an environment that safely enables individuals to celebrate their differences.

We invite you to take the time to explore our website and learn more about what IBM has to offer. Want to learn more? You can take a minute and check out Perks @ the POP, to better understand how we support our employees both inside and outside of IBM.


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